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- 12" - Mendeku - Punk

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It all started here, this was the first release of MENDEKU DISKAK, a split 12″ with the Basques of ORREAGA 778 and the Swedes of GREBOL. 4 tracks on each side. ORREAGA 778 doing his take on Punk/Oi!, slighlty melodic, sung in Basque, anthemic at times and including a sax in some songs. Grebol brings in 4 of melodic punk with Oi! and Viking Rock influences, sung in swedish.

Pessint info:
-440 copies in black vinyl
-110 copies in grey vinyl + a button badge
-15 test pressing copies with special hand-numbered covers and hand-stampted blank labels.

Recorded in summer 2016, Orreaga 778 tracks by Mikel Gordo at Gordo Studios and Grebol tracks at UTP studios
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Layout by Pedropa

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