“Jodiéndolo Todo”

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- 12" - Punk

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2021 vinyl reissue of the infamous Eskorbuto demotape. Remastered. Includes a 14-page magazine-like insert with info, pics, lyrics etc, in spanish.

Eskorbuto went to Madrid in august ’83 with copies of the demo tape for a round in different radio stations and record labels, promoting their new recording and trying to get record contracts and radio air time in the capital of the spanish empire. They’ve met with a few punks from Zaragoza also in a band called COCADICTOS and also trying to promote their demo in Madrid. The bunch of punks was spotted by the police while walking in the streets of the city and shortly after a few police cars were on them. They found the tapes on Jualma and Iosu’s pockets and decided to arrest them under the spanish anti-terrorist law, detained in isolation for 3 days. Just because of the lyrics of their songs, “offenses to the head of the state, the state symbols and the security forces” So much for spanish “democracy”…which still jails artists for the content of their lyrics in 2021.

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