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90 pages, A4, b/n, professionally printed, spanish/basque

Third issue of this collection of dossiers about 80’s and 90’s Punk and Hardcore of mostly Basque Country bands.

Compilation of interviews and articles featured in different fanzines and magazines at the time, featuring: BAP!, Eskoria-Tza, Txorromorro, Pikutara, Zarama, Ataud Vacante, Anarkotics, Nocivo, Eskorbuto, Radikal H.C., Guerrilla Urbana, Andanada 7, Disturbio -los de Iruñea-, Tortura Sistemática, Mierda Radioactiva, 37 Ostias, Naste Borraste, La Perrera, Belladona, RIP, Vómito, Anti-Dogmatics, Potrotaino, Siniestro Total, M.C.D, Estupidofacientes, N-634, Zer Bizio?, Anti-Régimen, Comando 9mm., Komando Batikano, Mortaja, Yo soy Julio Cesar, Parabellum, etc.

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