“Demo” (Green Cassette)

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Debut demotape from this new band hailing from Iruña/Pamplona with 5 songs of mid-tempo, monumental, apocalyptic hardcore with slight metal-ish influences and punk soul. These 5 tracks resonate like a throbbing death march of heavy hardcore with martial atmosphere, pounding and crushing. Militant straight edge lyrics in spanish with dark vibes and negative energy. And an exquisit taste for samples and sound clips. Amazing debut.

200 tapes made:
-100 copies in white
-50 copies in transparent blue
-50 copies in green

2-panel, 350gr, raw cardstock inlay card.

Recorded/mastered by Pablo Arrizibita @pabolo____
Front cover drawing by Mario Alejos @catalejotattoo
Layout by Iván Carrillo @marginal_attitude

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