VOL.2 (‘zine+flexi)

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Second installment focused on the Oi! scene of this graffiti fanzine/magazine from New York. 97 full colour pages with pieces from artists mainly US and european about current bands like CASTILLO, ULTRA SECT, CUERO, LOOSEY, CROWN COURT, BURDEN, MESS, FUERZA BRUTA, CMI, ROUGHED UP, BÉTON ARMÉ, THE CHISEL, KLAXON, THE ROYAL HOUNDS, BISHOP’S GREEN, etc etc, mixed with an article about the skin writers Meatdog, Hand Selecta, Core 2, Swarm, Tatu Paul, The Firm, Oaks Fcs and interviews to bands like Rogue Trooper o Kong Kong. Also includes articles about the origins of the Oi! movement in Peru, the new wave of francophone Oi! and a couple of things written by yours truly: Origins of the Oi! scene in the Basque Country and an interview with Zakarrak. Includes a CROWN COURT flexi with the songs “Tick Talk” y “Hooligans on E”.

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