Oi! The Black Book

Urban Styles #4

- 7" - Fanzines / Books - New Arrivals - Punk

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76 page fanzine printed on full colour glossy paper & bound. Inglés. A4. 75 pages.
Curated by Freddy Alva.

Includes the 3 Song flexi “Enough Said” by THE CHISEL!!

-”Best Of” Lists by Roddy Moreno, Phil Templar, Creases Like Knives & Freddy Alva
-Sab Grey (IRON CROSS) Interview
-New York’s SHARP history by Todd Zimmer
-The following Graffiti Writers/Visual Artists:
MQ DMS, Chris RWK, Jim Martin, STAK TFP, Mackie Blitz, GALLO, EZEC, NEO NOG, KEN , ONE 357, MARKY, Liz Romano, Tatu Paul, SHOE X-Men, BLIST, Chris Beee, STEALWORKS, WOE, INK KDM, MENE 1/Hand Selecta, Karen Farmer, FCEE, Andrew Fletcher, HYENA, NEMO, Mick Lambrou, POCH, Welly Artcore, CHI 2, OAKS FCS, JASE, 34, HESA, Nicky Rat, JOBS, Cam Mitchell, MESK/Kyle Style, DIMENSION ROCK, ELIAS, Maria Kapushta, PHECK, HEN 67, REA, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Gilsonic, RKID, MAYO, HOPE MW, Tin Savage, SWARM, GRIDZ, AWE, Andrew Monserrate and CORE 2.

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