“Behind The Concrete Veil” (Black vinyl)

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- 12" - Mendeku - New Arrivals - Punk

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“LOST LEGION is back with a full length and you should be as excited as me because this is their best work up to date.
Musically, it follows the path of the “Bridging Electricity” EP with their own formula of guitar-driven heavy Punk/Oi! mixed with melancholic undertones, epic melodies mixed with a dark-ish atmosphere, playful basslines entwined with catchy-as-fuck guitar leads and licks. Taking cues from Chicago’s legends THE EFFIGIES or the Danish cold war punks of NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, among others, they’ve put together 10 tracks of perfection. There’s certain martiality in them, a full frontal force which combined with the ambiental passages and atmosphere created by each instrumental and vocal detail, drives you to an almost psychedelic stomping experience. There’s a lot of juice in each riff, in the vocal work, in each arrangement, and when active listening, you can unveil layer after layer of a great musical trip. Lyrics are smart and in-depth, and far from any cliché they picture the bleak reality of life in general in a unique and even poetical way, dealing with social and personal issues.”

Pressing info:
-550 copies in black vinyl
-200 copies in ultra clear vinyl (only available at www.mendeku.com or the band)

Jackets printed on reverse 350gr cardstock, inner sleeves printed on reverse 250gr cardstock, includes poster, sticker and outer protective plastic sleeve.

Recorded by Ian Wise at Superior St.
Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Artwork by Nathan @drug_face_is_pure_sex

We also have some great looking shirts with a desing from Keith Caves and printed by @noxteletxon and @el_acto_prints_ double ink (red and black) on chest and back!

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