“Historia De Política & Rock Vol.1”

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169 pages, softcover, 21x15cm, Spanish. Written by Santi Escribano.

Thirty stories where politics and music go hand in hand, linking historical and geographical issues with bands that sang about it or had an impact on them: The Clash, Kortatu, Berri Txarrak, Dropkick Murphys, RIP, Soziedad Alkohólika, System of a Down, Non Servium, Reincidentes, Kop, Obrint Pas, Zoo, Moscow Death Brigade, Stiff Little Fingers, Su Ta Gar, Scorpions, Sin Dios, Boikot, The Baboon Show, El Corazón del Sapo, Dakidarría, 4 Skins, Kuero, Black 47, Eina, Núcleo Terco and Los Chicos de Molly.

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