“Seven Inches Behind Enemy Lines” 2xLP

- 12" - New Arrivals - Punk

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Double LP compilation with everything released by this swedish band except their albums. Musically they mix Crust, Punk-Rock and some traces of Stadium Rock. In these 2×12″s you are gonna find the songs from their demo, compilation tracks and rarities, the songs on the split with VIVISECTION and their 7″ EP’s, including their DISCHARGE, ANTISEEN, HANK WILLIAMS, SHITLICKERS and NANCY SINATRA soversongs. Side project of NASUM, KRIEGSHOT and VOICE OF A GENERATION members.

(This double LP has a 6 euros discount, the jacket took some damage due to sloppy packaging on the shipment from Sweden. It has one dented corner and some circle wear in the front cover. Please ask for pictures before purchasing, that way you can see it by yourself and be sure you know exctly what are you buying)

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