“Tri-city Werewolves 23”

- Cassettes - New Arrivals - Punk

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NO FUSS TAPES puts it like this:

“FORCED HUMILITY are a bunch of hardcore kids (literally), who took their lesson in 80ies and 90ies New York Hardcore seriously and who deliver one of my favorite hardcore records in 2023 so far. Razor sharp riffs combined with the ruthless Cleveland street aggression, stomping drums, a bloodthirsty pitbull behind the mic and an overall menacing sound with the right amount of reverb, take you right back to a time when hardcore was a dangerous street thing and no place for douchebags acting like fucking monkeys in a cage or wimps dressing like clowns. Featuring members of FORESEEN and DEAD AT BIRTH. Bust it!

Limited to 50 copies”