“s/t” (Clear red vinyl)

- 7" - Mendeku - New Arrivals - Punk

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“If you liked the amazing demo released last year you are gonna love the new stuff, 4 ripping new tracks these young Finns (members or FORESEEN, KOVA TOTUUS, DEAD AT BIRTH…) crafted for their vinyl debut on MENDEKU DISKAK that won’t dissapoint any fan of old-time flavoured Hardcore.
4 songs of blistering early NYHC written and executed with unmatched finesse and with a very strong Japanese 80s Hardcore influence (think of DEATHSIDE, for example). The riffs, the pace, the agression, the power of these songs will inmediatly bring to mind bands like ANTIDOTE, THE ABUSED, LIFE’S BLOOD, REST IN PIECES, WARZONE and early AGNOSTIC FRONT with melodies and epicness borrowed from Burning Spirit HC. Fuck, the first time i listened to the opening track i thought it could have perfectly been included in the “Thou Shall Not Kill”. Finland can’t stop producing the some of the best Hardcore in the world and FORCED HUMILITY just proves it once again.”

Pressing info:
-380 copies in black vinyl
-120 copies in clear red vinyl only available at mendeku.com or the band

Jackets printed in 250gsm cardstock printed insideout, folded A4 insert printed on both sides, includes protective plastic outer sleeve.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Don Valavuo
Produced by Don Valavuo & Mirko Nummelin
Artwork by Sunny Taato
Layout by Don Valavuo
Backcover pic by Jimmy Timonen
Insert pic by Niko Vilkman

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