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Text from Discos Enfermos’ Bandcamp:

“Reissue of the debut 7” of this master piece from Barcelona. Enemic Interior was formed in Barcelona and at the end of 2020, coming out of the Covid19 pandemic, they recorded 5 intense songs where the influences of punk, postpunk and even oi! They come together to deliver dark and catchy riffs as well as very aggressive and raw rhythms. Ultra-coreable songs sung in Catalan with exquisite sensitivity that mingles with Post-Punk without falling into any formula, showing nothing but excellent songwriting skills in order to combine different elements and influences of various sub-categories of Punk creating something really unique and very personal. Its catchy, its angry, its gloomy, its melodic, its raw, its desperate. Perfect songs for the time we are actually living. Released on open folder silkscreen cover, includes insert with lyrics and die cut sticker. .”

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