“Eternal Hails”

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- 12" - Metal

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After a 30+ years career, legendary Norgewian Metal duo keeps on creating relevant Metal music and manage to have all of us waiting for their new record, which happens every 2/3 years. From their initail Death Metal with “Soulside Journey”, the glorious trademarked Black Metal years with the masterpieces “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”, “Under A Funeral Moon”, “Transilvanian Hunger” and “Panzerfaust” or the records they’ve released in the last 15 years or so, where they play around with trades of Heavy, Crust, Speed/Thrash, etc, they are clearly showing no fear in experimenting and trying out at will within the boundaries of Underground Metal.

In their most recent effort, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto keep going on their particular Metal journey, this time going a bit into slower realms, mixing old school Doom with some epic hints (Candlemass?) plus more of their Venom/Celtic Frost worshipping with that sort of “Black Rock’n’Roll”. Blazing palm-mute parts combined with more speedy/thrashing guitar style, mid-tempo drumming, reverb-soaked vocals, raw production and darkness all over, you know what to expect from these bosses.
Best Norwegian export, way better than oil, salmon and those stupid jackets you see everywhere.

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