“Perverted Law” (Purple vinyl)

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- 12" - Mendeku - New Arrivals - Punk

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This new canadian band (with members of BOOTLICKER, NO HEART, LAST CRUSADE and SPLIT ARROWS among others) released a debut demotape last year that immediately catched my attention, i got a bunch of copies for distribution and instantly became one of my favourite demos from 2022. And they also featured 2 tracks on the British Columbia Bovver compilation also released last year.
I got hooked up by their fresh hardcorepunk somehow taking influences from both shores of the north Atlantic Ocean, like if GANG GREEN and CIRCLE JERKS would be jamming with THE PARTISANS and THE SKEPTIX on a drunken party. Or something like that.
So now it was time for their vinyl debut on their own and here you have 10 tracks of sharp, catchy, fast and piercing Punk Hardcore on a 45rpm 12inch with the title “Perverted Law”.

Pressing info:
150 copies on purple vinyl for direct order only
356 copies on black vinyl

350gr jackets, 250gr discobags, both printed on the reverse side of the cardstock. Includes insert and protective outer plastic sleeve.

Tyler Trinch: Voice
Athena Joan: Drums
Mike Underwood: Guitar and Bass

Recorded and mastered by Cody Baresich
Cover art by Salomon B
Poster art by Azeta

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